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March 30th, 2009

i wanna feel weightless. @ 08:48 pm

Current Mood: relieved relieved
Current Music: asinglesolitude - each day

i can't back out, not now. made up my mind, and i won't change it no matter what the situation.

but yeah, i can't wait until summer, i can get some recordings done again and finally focus on music again. school is just taking up way too much time.

maybe it's not my weekend, but it's gonna be my year.

xoxo prudence<333

p.s. i'm so proud of these boys. they've come such a long way from when i first listened to them back in 05. now they're touring all over the world and making more great music :) i'm fucking stoked for nothing personal this summer ! oh yeeah i'm stoked for blink too :D <33


February 1st, 2009

away from here @ 01:53 pm

Current Mood: bored bored
Current Music: Hasket - Velocity

it's been a long while, and i guess lots of things have been going on since. like my birthday, sweet 16 :) finally haha. and there was also semi the day before my birthday, which was pretty sick i must say. oh and of course 2 months ago, there was christmas and new years ! haha so uhh.. it's late but happy 09 everyone ? aha.

one thing i just need to say is, stop with this confusion. don't make it seem like you want me one day, then the next day things are different. this cycle's been repeated way too many times now, and i'm pretty sick of it.

summers last sunset baby

xoxo prudence<333


December 16th, 2008

all i ever wanted was to dream another sunset with you. @ 08:56 pm

Current Mood: calm calm
Current Music: Hey Monday - Run Don't Walk

i'm kind of a mess, all over the place, but it's fine. hopefully these holidays will fix everything, and maybe by the end of everything, i'll know what i want for sure, and won't go settling for anything less. this is it, show me what you've got, or what you don't. i'm sick of playing this part, maybe , is there someone who will want more than just that ? well i hope, but right now i'm not even sure anymore, about anything.
anything's possible.
xoxo prudence<333

November 25th, 2008

ill make the impossible a possibility. @ 08:29 pm

Current Mood: awake
Current Music: All Time Low - Hometown Heroes;National Nobodies

what can i say, The Comprosing of Integrity, Morality & Principles In Exchange For Money Tour was... AMAZING. man, the things i go through just for those boys. insane. i'm still feeling the after effects now ahah. so me & tia got down there like around 2:30 -3, and there was already a line up [of course], so we lined up. i was in only a hoodie & jeans, and it was like 5 degrees outside. after awhile, it got pretty fucking cold i have to say, well since we were out there till 5:30 - 6, waiting for the stupid doors to open. Christine and Shenika came to join like a bit before doors opened, so it was cool :) oh ohhh, and also tia spotted flyzik from like miles away, and when he got closer i ran up to him LOL, but he was in the middle of something so he said that we'd talk laters :)

when we got in, it was so awkward caue the people there made us sit down on the floor. lmfao, we were like okay...but did it anyways, then right when they let us up, i basically dashed up as close as i could get, and it just so happened that keegan ended up beside me. we were like AH HEY :D and we talked and hung out there for awhile. every avenue was pretty good ! i remember that there were 2 groups that fell, and everyone was complaining about that haha, but like thank god that keegan was tall, and i was holding onto him so i didn't fall once LOL. he also helped me out of the crowd after Every Avenue, since i had to go get meet & greet wristbands for All Time Low :) i wasn't even sure if i should go or not cause i knew i would lose my spot in the crowd, but good thing i listened to keegan haha.

i got to the merch area, and suprise suprise, vinny vegas was doing the merch :D ! i haven't seen him for a LONG while ! so it was great :) of course, matt came out and brought us all backstage ahah. there was this room, which was pretty nice actually, really pink.. but nice haha. then he told us to wait for a sec , and 2 seconds later alex, jack, rian and zack walk in. i was real real happy :D i hung out with jack for a bit first <3 he's such a funny guy, i love him haha. then i went to chill with rian, and he's such a sweetie :) after was of course, alex <3 in the meantime, jack was attempting to speak french, and it was pretty funny so me & alex burst out laughing in his face. LMFAO. then i quickly went to zack, cause well it's zack :D after all of that, i saw matt all by himself on the side looking lonely, so i decided to go keep him company :D ahhhh i was really happy <3 he loved the birthday card i made him plus the gift i got him ahaha. such a cutie ! i'm so glad i got to see him again <3 and and he put the lip ring back in !!! cause apparently his nose ring got infected... ahaha. zack came to chill with us after awhile as well, and it was all cool. i loved it :D ahha. the one thing that doesn't change [that i've noticed] is that alex always smells good no matter what. jack always does something so random thats really funny. flyzik always gives the best hugs :)!

when i got back out to the crowd, the maine just finished playing their second song. its cool though since somehow i made my way back into the mosh pit ahaha. crazy stufff. they played some of my favourites: I Must Be Dreaming & Everything I Ask For etc etc. oh she makes me feel like SHIT (8) haha. i love how john kept making the crowd repeat just that LOL. after The Maine was Mayday Parade. they were pretty good as well :D loved it ! They played all my favourites ! ahaha. good times <3 the crowd between the sets of Mayday and ATL were the craziest. everyone was trying to get closest to the stage as possible. lucky for me, there was only 2 rows of people in front of me :) hot and sweaty crowd though ahaha.

All Time Low, amazing. what else can i say. never fails to impress me with their funny stories and their amazing songs :D They opened with Poppin Champagne, and i don't know if i remembered everything they played but they played Lullabies [YESSSS FROM THEIR OLD ALBUM], and also [THE PARTY SCENE <3 also from their old album], Holly (Would You Turn Me On), Coffee Shop Soundtrack, Shameless, The Beach, Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last For A Night), The Girls A Straight Up Hustler [FLYZIK SANG TOOOO <3] , Six Feet Under The Stars [FLYZIK SANG BACK UPS AGAIN <33], Remembering Sunday, and closed with Dear Maria (Count Me In). also Alex wrote a song before tour started, and it's acoustic [for now i think]. and it sounds really good !! don't fuck this whole thing up for me (8). i really like it, and i'm stoked for next summer cause that's when matt told me their new album is probably coming out :D 

"whoever catches this pick has gonnoreah." -jack
"don't fuck that girl, she has gonnoreah!"-jack

too many funny things that night to even name it, but alex wanted the whole crowd to crowdsurf at the same time. oh man that was intense cause after he said that, heads, feet and bodies were flying all over the place ahah. basically, a fun night over all, and i'm bruised as fuck all over now and have a massive headache. but i wouldn't trade that night for anything <3 stoked for spring when they're back !

              so wrong, it's right !                                 <3 JACK BARAKAT. 3rd times a charm;)                    RIAN DAWSON.<3

                 ALEXANDER WILLIAM GASKARTH IS A HOTTIE WHO SMELLS SO GOOD<3                       ZACK MERRICK. So Adorable :)<3

Love His Poofy Hair <3 haha.               MATT FUCKING FLYZIK = MY HERO <3 I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU :)

             VINNY VEGAS IS BACK <3 !



November 22nd, 2008

pack up all my things and get my ass out of town. @ 01:01 pm

Current Mood: STOKED
Current Music: All Time Low - Hit The Lights

oooh yeah ! i am SUPER stoked at the moment for tomorrow. i've been counting down the days since friggen july/august. :) all time low, is back ! with amazing bands : the maine <3, mayday parade<3, and every avenue<3. this show is going to be sick ! and im pretty sure Toronto is the only place in Canada they're stopping. man am i glad i live here :D. Plus, mr. flyzik's birthday is coming up on December 6th, im pretty sure haha, along with the gift i have for him, i'm going to make him a birthday card just because :D. i love love love him <3 & i can't wait to see him again :)

Jack Barakat. Zack Merrick. Alex Gaskarth. Rian Dawson.
ATLB always :)

But more importantly,
Matthew Flyzik <3.

seeing this makes me even more stoked to see matt again :)

xoxox prudence<333


November 18th, 2008

the best of you and me. @ 08:00 pm

Current Mood: exhausted exhausted
Current Music: lights - drive my soul

30 days till Christmas and all I know is i'm not quite ready to let go of this past year. I have so much to show. One more month, and all I need is a sign from you, that you think of me. If you don't, than please just say so. Cause all I do, is think of you. And it's wearing me out, it's wearing me down, this holiday is nothing but frowns for me. But i've got a gift you see, i'm making a list, hell, i'll check it twice. Of all the things you've done in my life, and i'll send it your way. So you see why i love you. Who would've thought that someone like me could have fallen in love so easily. I know that you know that I know what I want, I know I can't have it but give it a thought. I know that it sounds crazy baby, but all i do is think of you. And it's wearing me out, it's wearing me down, this holiday is nothing but frowns for me. But i've got a gift you see, i'm making a list, hell, i'll check it twice. Of all the things you've done in my life, and i'll send it your way. So you see why i love you. Everything you threw my way,I know it's hard to say but it's a crying shame that i came all this way with so much to say but all that came out was 'happy holiday'. A home cooked meal and a nice warm bed, Somebody to love, and a place to lay my head. But i got 30 days, and imma make them count, cause I can't call it christmas without someone to smile about.  ---nevershoutnever.

time is passing by real fast. let's make all this count.

happy belated birthday trav <3
you & the boys have a safe trip to the UK tomorrow :)

xoxo prudence<3333


November 16th, 2008

that's what you get when you let your heart win. @ 10:14 pm

Current Mood: busy
Current Music: nevershoutnever - your biggest fan

hahahha. oh man, first off, i love anthony musior because he made my day with his high girly voice in the mandy k video blog ahaha :) funny boy. jamie also made my day, cause welll.. ;) ahahah funny people. gotta love them :) a few more days then trav leaves on tour :) ! exciting stuff <3
i love how they dropped their toronto rental van keys in the sewer last thursday :)
i love these boys.

xoxo prudence<333


November 12th, 2008

timing is everything. @ 08:26 pm

Current Mood: excited excited
Current Music: Nevershoutnever - She's Got Style

hahaha oh man today was jokes.
"she said he smells."
"his breath, YEAH."

"guyyyys.... guysssss... wait upppppppp"

i love my friends :)

on a more serious note, i'm really careful not to get my hopes up for anything anymore, and to just expect the worst, so that if something good happens then it will make me feel even better. that's how it's been working for me for the past while now :)

and if the sun comes up, you know you've won me over.
xoxo prudence<333

November 9th, 2008

(no subject) @ 10:24 pm

Current Mood: weird weird
Current Music: The Mission District - The Best Of You And Me

and over all this time, no not a single regret, but i'm always left wondering. will i ever be good enough for anything. i'm nothing close to perfect, and i know that no one is, but like others give the impression that they are. i could be surrounded by a ton of people, and still feel completely alone. it's a weird feeling. another weird feeling is the fact that sometimes i can trust complete strangers with secrets more than i can trust anyone close to me. i don't know how that works since i'm not exactly a very open person. people always expect me a certain way, and when it's not like that, they go crazy. well, deal with it. things happen.

xoxo prudence<333


November 8th, 2008

i used to say, you were the one, the best thing that's ever happened to me. @ 01:07 pm

Current Mood: amused amused
Current Music: Underscore - Sleepless

its funny how after half a year, after everythings been done with, and when you're finally off my mind, someone brings you back up. it's strange, cause i haven't had a dream about you in so long haha. it's all good though, cause like i'm not going to be making the same mistake, for the 3rd time now. i've learned my lesson :) besides, i gotta say, it amuses me how your covers been pretty much blown now hahah. talking with you now was like things never ended, but i know better ;)
15 days till i see my lovely hero again :) flyzikkk <3 !

xoxo prudence<333